Carolyn Ross Johnston

Sexual Power: Feminism and the Family in America

"Sexual Power speaks to a wide range of readers: scholars of women's history, American social history, and feminist theory; students in women's studies classes and lay readers interested in gender issues. I am impressed with the scope and approach of this work, the way Johnston framed her argument, and the research undertaken to document this synthesis."
–Mary E. Frederickson

"A strong and good book, accurate in its research and reporting–compelling in its argument... Johnston creates a meaningful and well-constructed narrative of women's history, as well as a good argument that the paradox of women's power and women's limitations within the family has been a shaping force of U.S. feminism."
–Gayle Graham Yates

A nominee for a Pulitzer Prize

Selected Works

Voices of Cherokee Women recounts how Cherokee women went from having equality within the tribe to losing much of their political and economic power in the 19th century to regaining power in the 20th, as Joyce Dugan and Wilma Mankiller became the first female chiefs of the Cherokee Nation. The book's publication is timed for the commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears in October 2013.
The compelling story of a unit of black Buffalo Soldiers and their white commanders fighting on the Italian front during World War II.
The engaging book captures the radical nature of Jack London's work and activism for the socialist movement.
"An engrossing and deeply textured contribution to Native American history which moves the field in fresh and exciting directions."
–Steven Mintz
This book explores critical questions concerning American women's sexual lives.

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