Carolyn Ross Johnston

Voices of Cherokee Women

A collection of first-person accounts by Cherokee women, Voices of Cherokee Women includes letters, diaries, newspaper articles, oral histories, ancient myths, and accounts by
travelers, traders, and missionaries who encountered the Cherokees from the 16th century to the present.
John F. Blair, Publisher

Recent Reviews
· "In her spirited and well-sourced collection, Johnston...unfolds history through the voices of people who remembered terrible events....An academic account that respectfully resurrects long-dead voices from a people who still have a lot to tell us.”
—Kirkus Reviews
· "The totality of [the book's] haunting intimate recollections and excerpts is complex, nuanced, and powerfully resonant with a determination to preserve a precious heritage and identity ... The message is endurance and strength, a real sense of survival that encompasses both physical and spiritual realms ... Voices of Cherokee Women is a rare collection of refracted glimpses of Native American women [and] is offered as a tribute to women who endured through many reversals."
—Nancy Lorraine from Midwest Book Review
· "Rich with detailed personal remembrances, Voices of Cherokee Women is a wonderful honoring of [Cherokee women's ] complex and still evolving heritage."
—Sandi Tomlin-Sutker from Western North Carolina Woman

· "Voices of Cherokee Women ring loud and clear in new book" by Bettie Marlowe, Cleveland Daily Banner (November 6, 2013).
· "Local Authors Are Gaining Popularity" by Teddye Snell, Tahlequah Daily Press (December 4, 2013).

· Carolyn Ross Johnston appears on the Old Town Cleveland radio show on WOOP 99.9 FM (November 9, 2013).
· WUTC's Micheal Edward Miller speaks to Carolyn Ross Johnston about her collection (January 3, 2014).

Selected Works

Voices of Cherokee Women recounts how Cherokee women went from having equality within the tribe to losing much of their political and economic power in the 19th century to regaining power in the 20th, as Joyce Dugan and Wilma Mankiller became the first female chiefs of the Cherokee Nation. The book's publication is timed for the commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears in October 2013.
The compelling story of a unit of black Buffalo Soldiers and their white commanders fighting on the Italian front during World War II.
The engaging book captures the radical nature of Jack London's work and activism for the socialist movement.
"An engrossing and deeply textured contribution to Native American history which moves the field in fresh and exciting directions."
–Steven Mintz
This book explores critical questions concerning American women's sexual lives.

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